Micro weddings & intimate weddings in Marrakech, Morocco

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As the world fell into uncertainty, more and more couples started to value the core essentials of life like celebrating love with their closest ones. Yes, some planned weddings of great grandeur, others planned luxurious destination weddings with a vast number of guests, but the restrictions made them shift their focus. With the ease of some measures, a micro wedding in Marrakech is possible with up to 50 guests. That doesn’t mean it will be less celebrated, or less valued. On the contrary, it will be even more celebrated, because you have all those who are close to you. These kinds of celebrations are more personal, more intimate, and special; not to mention that there are less stress and hustle around them. So planning a micro wedding in Morocco means shifting your focus to enjoy a celebration that is just about you two, with less pressure and more time and opportunity to soak in all the beauty of this amazing country. Immerse into the cultural values, picturesque ethereal landscapes, enjoy the Moroccan delicious food, admire the desert mysticism, and lose yourself in all the colors of its architectural wonders. The city of Marrakech is rich with cultural influences that offer more than enough choices to plan your special day. Remember that it is all about you two, honor your desires, and enjoy an authentic romantic experience by having an intimate wedding in Marrakech.

Why plan a micro wedding/intimate wedding in Marrakech?

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It really offers everything you can imagine - you can literally let your imagination run wild with any place you choose when planning an intimate wedding in Marrakech. Let your wild hearts exchange vows on the Atlas mountains with serene nature surrounding you while you devote your love for eternity. Stand in the desert and say “I do” while the sun sets poetically, blessing your love with the most magical golden glow. Raise a toast in a luxury desert tent surrounded by hundreds of lanterns. Live the real Arabian night by celebrating a micro wedding in Morocco that is picturesque and remarkable unlike any other. Choose an intimate villa in Marrakech that would enchant you with a rooftop view that is just dreamy. Feel the freedom of celebrating with less stress and more time to properly worship the sacred bond between you. Having a micro wedding in Morocco means to have anything you ever envisioned turn into magic, to have emotions overwhelm you while being surrounded by all those that you care about deeply.

From another perspective, Marrakech thrives on a culture that entwines the modern with the traditional. With the help of a carefully chosen wedding planner in Morocco, you will have any aesthetic vision brought to life. It is a haven for bohemian lovers, the chic modern couples, the eloquent yet adventurous couples, the wild hearts that want a uniquely luxurious experience. By deciding on an intimate wedding in Morocco you will lift the burden of stressing about many guests, surrendering to the gentle poetry of love between you two, and this gorgeous country that has more than enough romance to ignite your flame.

How to plan everything effortlessly and still have the most romantic and magical special day? By choosing the right professionals that are passion-driven with all of their heart to make your day run smoothly, a wedding planner in Marrakech that lives and breathes for your romantic moments, La Perle Events team.

What makes us the right choice for a wedding planner in Morocco?

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First and foremost, we have a whole spectrum of venues that work with us. When planning a micro wedding in Marrakech, we know all the hidden gems in and out of the city. We know precisely which ones are fit for your desires and tailored to your needs. You need a micro wedding in Morocco to be an extraordinary experience in the desert? We know all the luxurious camps. Need an extravagant palace that provides tradition with a touch of modern chic? We know the perfect spot. Do you want an oasis at sunset? We will weave an unforgettable picturesque scenery for just the two of you. We even have exclusive access to private villas that are ideal for planning an intimate wedding in Marrakech.

For us, styling is everything. We are devoted to every fine detail because planning a micro wedding in Morocco doesn’t mean that less is less. Yes, the pressure of expensive extravagance is lifted but even with a smaller number of guests, we will go to great lengths to craft the perfect table plans, stationery visuals, floral divinity, and ethereal atmosphere.




What matters the most is to make the planning process stress free. We are a proficient and resourceful wedding planner in Marrakech, highly valued because our team works with the most reliable and professional local suppliers. We live to exceed your expectations, we live for those awe-inspiring moments of wondrous sighs. Our experience has taught us more, but the sky is not the limit. We are constantly on the hunt for more exotic villas and working with more valued suppliers because there is nothing we cannot do for our clients. We are so well adjusted that planning an intimate wedding in Morocco will be one of the easiest choices you’ve ever made. It will feel so smooth that you will have all the freedom to enjoy the crowning of your love and marvel at the rich culture around you, without having to think about the rest. After all, isn’t that what weddings are all about?

If you feel that we are the right choice for crafting your authentic wedding magic, feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to plan a zoom/ WhatsApp consultation call and gladly answer all of your questions.

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