How to choose the perfect menu for your wedding in Morocco, Marrakech

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If you are planning a wedding in Marrakech, naturally, you would probably wonder about the dishes and wish to know more about the Moroccan traditional culinary arts. The Moroccan gastronomy is exuberant with prominent flavors, enriching the place with its enchanting spicy scents. Today’s cuisine legacy comes from combining different cultures like the Arab, Berber, and Jewish dishes. Some of the most iconic are the Tajine, R’fissa, the ever-popular Couscous, Pastilla, Tangia, Mechoui, Mrouzia, and many more! 

Let us dive in and discover more about the Marrakech wedding catering options.

Colin Ross

Different types of receptions result in different types of menus.

When you are contemplating catering for your wedding in Marrakech, you need to take into consideration the reception factor. Primarily, the following options are: Option 1: plated sit-down menu Option 2: buffet style Option 3: food stations with various food styles and bars Option 4: family-style dinner Option 5: cocktail reception

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If you wish for a more modern flair, or to simply complete your reception with variability, you can either choose or combine one of the following choices:

  • Cocktail Hour with different appetizers or canapes
  • a stylish apértif bar tailored to your wedding theme
  • A refreshing beverage station
  • An effortless cocktail-style dinner
  • Barbecue & cocktail party dinner
  • Late-night snacks 
  • Farewell brunch
  • Barbecue / pool party brunch



The Marrakech Wedding Catering Experience

First and foremost, when planning your menu and communicating with a wedding caterer in Marrakech, we will focus on what you like and what you don’t like. Our priority is to tailor everything to your liking so any restrictions or suggestions will be taken into consideration for the reception dinner and cocktails. Even though the culinary arts will be open for modifications on your behalf, we can offer the following options:

  1. Traditional Moroccan cuisine - served in a most sophisticated refined way, with different menus you can choose from according to your wishes.
  2. Moroccan menu revisited - a traditional Moroccan meal which is a beautiful blend of the Moroccan cuisine entwined with French/Western touch and presentation.
  3. High-end catering for your wedding in Marrakech with a plated menu and gastronomic art.
  4. Dinner buffet with stylish stations and bars.

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It is important to know that we can adjust everything to your requirements. For example, you can have a plated reception dinner with a mix of traditional Moroccan food, but additionally, we can include Mediterranean/European cuisine as well! In order to offer variety with the highest quality for our international clients, we work with Indian caterers, Lebanese and Kosher Beth Din caterers. Because we want everything to be perfect for your special day, when deciding on the Marrakech wedding catering options, you can also request to taste certain dishes, go over the details and choose an ideal custom curated menu.

Eco-friendly/sustainable Marrakech wedding catering

Because we want to deliver on our promises and strive to be more sustainable in our work, we work with a wedding caterer in Marrakech that works strictly in an eco-friendly way. That means you will be able to have a local, organic, and seasonally sourced cuisine which is prepared with olive oil or argan oil, a beautiful play of spicy textured flavors with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. The two options are:

  • Vegetarian/pescetarian cuisine for your wedding reception;
  • Vegan cuisine / Dairy free

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How about your wedding dinner reception budget in Marrakech ?

For your Marrakech wedding catering, we offer a 3-course reception menu (starter, main course, and dessert) that starts from 50 euros per person. You can add on top of that special drinks, personalized art de table decorations, wedding cake, open bar drinks after reception dinner, flower designs, or anything you need to realize your bridal vision. We will have a consultation call of course with you and devote our time to fully understand your unique needs and work within your budget!

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We welcome you to contact us anytime via Zoom or WhatsApp and we will answer any questions you may have, give you valuable insight and provide thorough consultation.

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