Our 5 chic and original gift ideas for your wedding in Marrakech

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"Useful, easy to take away and local gifts"

This is the essential way to thank your guests for their presence at your union. So the gifts for your guests must look like you and be unique. Forget about sugared almonds and opt for a gift in your own image to amaze them. When you organize a wedding in the beautiful city of Marrakech, many of your loved ones do not know the country, its customs and traditions. Why not offer them a chic, original, elegant and traditional Moroccan gift ?

Here are 5 authentic, customizable and trendy gift ideas to offer to your guests for your wedding in Morocco.

The surprising and unique phial

Aesthetically delicate and subtle, the phial is a gift that will please and will perfectly fit your table decoration. You also have the possibility to personalize this gift by choosing the contents of the phial according to your desires. Many ideas are offered from rose water to argan oil or olive oil. It is even better to select a small local quality producer for an exceptional result. It is recommended to call upon a women's cooperative for argan oil for example to help the cooperatives of Moroccan craftsmen/women in Marrakech. The little extra is that the phial can also be personalized. You can choose a coloured phial or play with transparency or add decorative elements such as pompoms, engrave your initials or the date of your union to give a personal and elegant touch. Your guests will be amazed by this superb authentic Moroccan gift and will be able to take home a small sample of the beauty of Morocco and its culture.

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Typical Moroccan delicacies

Morocco is a country with a rich gastronomic culture. You can offer your guests Moroccan cakes to take them on a tasteful journey. Our agency La Perle Events has a particular partnership with "Amandine pâtisserie" who makes small boxes that will transport you to Marrakech thanks to quality Moroccan flavours. This gift will delight your most gourmet friends and family!


The Tote bag can be personalized

This fabric bag, very fashionable and trendy lately, is the perfect accessory to offer. The main advantage of this gift is that it is totally customizable. You can therefore imagine the design and put it in the effigy of the most beautiful day of your life. At the cutting edge of fashion and very chic, you will make people happy by offering them. This attention to your loved ones will reflect your personal style.



Soap with a divine scent

With its bewitching, soft and refined scent, soap is an ideal gift when you get married in Marrakech. It is highly recommended to select a Moroccan artisanal soap factory. To respect your skin as well as that of your guests, choose meticulously the composition and the scents. Very famous, the black soap (Exfoliating and softening) which is an exfoliation is frequently used by Moroccan women in their care in the Hammam for a skin full of vitality and a radiant effect. With oriental scents, you will succeed in transporting your guests in the space of a few minutes.

The Beldy box set by La Perle Events

The agency offers you a unique service by looking for exceptional local gifts for you by using the best service providers in the region and by supporting small local producers. This box set is totally customizable according to your desires. More than a simple gift, this box will make your guests travel to the wedding destination.

©Le joli shop

©Le joli Shop

If you are interested in this service, please contact us for more information at contact@la-perle-events.com. We will create Beldy wedding gift boxes by La Perle Events to meet your requirements and create a day that exudes love, charm and authenticity from start to finish. For us as for you, every detail counts to make this day a unique moment in your life.