Top 10 Activities for your Marrakech Wedding That Guests Will Absolutely Love

Colin Ross

Morocco is a stunning country, and if you are planning a destination wedding in Marrakech, you are already enchanted by its charm. Aside from the fact that its culture and aesthetic has been influenced by several aspects, these lands have weaved authenticity like no other place. The Red City or the pearl of Morocco is none other than Marrakech which offers a plethora of values and visual poetry. With so much to offer, your iconic day there will be extraordinary, but also, you will have plenty of opportunities to discover its culture and beauty! In this blog, we will talk about the 10 Marrakech wedding activities that you can do and awe-inspire your guests.

1. Desert experience and camel ride

We start the Morocco wedding activities with the exotic choice, the desert experience and the ever-so-exciting camel ride. This is a perfect opportunity to offer your guest one of a kind experience that they cannot do just anywhere else. And if we are being completely honest, camels are such sweet animals that no one can resist them!


2. Treat guests to an Authentic organic Moroccan cooking class

The authentic Moroccan cuisine is a wonderful chance to learn new skills, bond, and discover a whole new spectrum of exotic spices. Learn about the culture through the culinary arts.

Massimo Adami

3. Discovering Marrakech with Sidecar tours

Looking for adventurous and original ideas for your wedding guest activities in Marrakech? Take a look at these thrilling options that include desert rides, through the Atlas Mountains and many more; that will make the whole guest experience otherworldly! Contact us for a bespoke special offer by sidecars.

Molly Carr

4. Luxury Authentic Hammam/Spa experience and treatment

The hammam has been the secret to beauty and relaxation for centuries now. Sharing wonderful moments with your bridesmaids and close family and friends socializing and relaxing with luxury spa experiences before or after the wedding, is maybe one of the favourite Marrakech wedding activities. You can discover two of the many options, Mamounia Spa Hammam & Royal Mansour Spa Hammam

royal mansour

Stefano Scata

5. Hot Air Balloon ride

Panoramic views and breathtaking horizons! Behold them as you sail across the Moroccan sky in a hot air balloon and share your impressions!


6. Atlas Mountain excursion and hikes

Sightseeing, excursions, and exploring the Atlas Mountain are some of the best Morocco wedding activities you can do as a group. Discovering the whimsy this country holds will be a real treat. For example, you can book a trip to the Ourika Valley or a lunch in an authentic Kasbah situated on the hill of the Atlas Mountains.

Mehdi Mounir

7. Guided tours in the Medina

Did you know that are tailor-made guided tours in Medina? They include discovering the souks and shopping. It would be an amazing experience for your guests to take them where they can buy authentic Moroccan clothes or products. There are Shopping tours, Design tours, Moroccan Architecture tours, Museum visits, and much more.

molly carr

8. Host a private sunset Yoga session

One way to relax before the wedding day or simply after it and channel the newlywed bliss is to have a private sunset Yoga session with your loved ones. Make this destination wedding escapism from their everyday lives.

patrick malleret

erik brolin

9. Quad and Buggy rides for a great adventurous experience

Why not spice the stay with an adventure? Marrakech wedding activities can include riding quad and buggy through the desert or other majestic areas in Marrakech! Great way to have a collective laugh and adrenaline rush.

adrien delforge

adrien delforge

10. Host a welcome dinner or a morning-after pool party brunch

The most common way to elevate your celebration and organize extra wedding guest activities in Marrakech is by making a welcoming dinner party, or our favorite, a relaxed morning-after pool party brunch!

colin ross

We hope we have given you some creative ideas on how to use your stay and create memorable experiences. Remember that these Marrakech wedding activities are not mandatory nor required of you, they are optional and a great way to gather your guests and spend more quality time. Make sure to mention your plans and to make it clear about the charge with language that is sensible. If you are paying for it, you can include “We will be taking a camel ride, we would love for you to join us”. In case you are not paying for the activities, you can simply include the costs. It is a sensible and appreciated sentiment that serves to avoid any misunderstanding, and your guests will feel inspired to explore and get the most of your destination wedding in Morocco !

Feel free to contact us. Our team will be delighted to help you plan and customize the most exciting activities for you and your guests.