Top wedding venues in Marrakech, Morocco

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With awe-inspiring landscapes and immaculate beaches, deserts that whisper poetry to the romantic heart, and a culture that entwines Berber, Arabian, and European influences; Morocco offers a plethora of experiences for any modern elegant couple. Many couples choose this warm beautiful country as a wedding destination precisely because of its uniqueness, to have their senses awakened through immersing into the Moroccan charm. And what better way to enjoy this culture on your special day than with a wedding venue in Morocco styled experience, or if you have set eyes for the city, elevating it with a striking wedding venue in Marrakech!

Morocco’s enchanting nature and vibrant architecture would definitely overwhelm you with choices when planning your wedding, so finding the right venue that is aligned with your style can be challenging. As an exclusive Marrakech wedding planner, we are immensely dedicated to our passion. Our experience has given us insight into which venues offer the most magical and memorable wedding day. We basically know all the hidden gems! All the dreamy wedding venues in Marrakech, Morocco, every corner of this Red city, and the surroundings aren’t hidden from our passion to make your special day extraordinary.

We at La Perle Events team are all about finding the best of the best for our clients, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding venues in Morocco, Marrakech. Hotels, villas, palaces, and desert camps; all tailored to meet your requirements.

Here you can find more about the types of Marrakech wedding venues for your special day.

Riad Be

Riad Yasmine

Riad venue: Ideal for intimate weddings or an elopements

A Riad, which means garden in Arabic, is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with interior garden or courtyard. It usually features a fountain and palm trees with no roof. In the old Medina of Marrakech you can find some of the most authentic and beautifully designed Riads reflecting Moroccan culture and architecture. An Intimate riad wedding in Marrakech is so special and unique, it’s a great choice for modern cool couples looking for an authentic and simple celebration gathering just the closest family and friends.


If you wish to experience the Atlas mountains and choose your Marrakech wedding venue outside the Red city. You can find captivating Kasbahs venues that have a real treat for the senses. Serene, relaxing, it is an escape from the city - idyllic for romantic adventurous couples who seek to celebrate their love with spectacular panoramic sceneries. Choosing a Kasbah-type venue means, you will enjoy the authenticity and create memorable moments every step you take. We love the service and the Moroccan cuisine in the Kasbahs, the attention given to every single detail is just incredible!


Desert camp venue

We are talking about the real desert luxury experience! A dreamy venue situated in the Agafay desert ( One hour drive from the city center) and it can consist of two parts. The first part is the restaurant that is amazing for weddings, rehearsal dinners, or post-wedding. The second part is an Arabian night experience - with more than 10 luxury tents, this type of Marrakech wedding venue is perfect for chic bohemian couples who want to experience the magic of the desert.

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Boutique Hotel venue

A boutique hotel venue varies from a large-scale and standardized hotel, it is a small hotel that offers a personal touch to every guest with personalized service and attention to detail. The feeling is like home! If you are looking for a special and differentiated venue that is able to fullfil your individual needs, you will have to consider this type of venue with special architecture and design style that is reflective of the city.

Marrakech boutique hotels are a haven for the romantic boho souls! They have an amazing attention to detail embody the Marrakech boldly colored architecture and have welcoming hosts and service who lessen the pressure of planning your wedding. Our partner’s boutique hotels are located in the Palmeraie area of the city where you can truly experience the magic of the 1001 Nights!

A private hotel with scenery views - Gorgeous hotels located outside of Marrakech has a captivating panorama of the Atlas mountains and gives a real sense of calm. The contemporary interior and exterior of these special hotels deliver a stylish and authentic experience for modern couples who seek peace, calm, and nature.

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Luxury Hotels

If you are all for opulence, grandeur, and feeling the beauty of an oasis, there are some breathtaking luxury hotels located in the Marrakech Palm Grove that can be the perfect choice for you! A synergy of extravagance and traditional Moroccan beauty.

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Mimibalkan Photography

Mimibalkan photography

Private Villas

As a Marrakech wedding planner, the La Perle Events team has access to privately owned Villas that are adorned with lush gardens, magical atmosphere for outdoor dining. These villas are exclusive to us only!

These villas are not known via Instagram or Google searches, some don’t even have websites; these are the real hidden gems and we are experts in finding them. Our sole goal is to find the one that is suitable for you to have your dream wedding or to celebrate some special event. When it comes to intertwining the Morrocan style with the modern touch, we know all the villas that would surely ensnare your senses.

The La Perle Events team finds these villas every day, some are very discreet and they are exclusive to us only. We also have collections of works of art that would crown your wedding aesthetic.

Colin Ross

Colin Ross

As a Marrakech wedding planner, La Perle will keep on seeking the dreamiest venues for your special day in the magical city of Marrakech and its surroundings. If you are feeling doubtful or have a specific area in Morocco in which you visualize your wedding, we are here to heed your call! Would love to hear from you and be a part of your love chapter. You can write to us at __contact@la-perle-events.com__ anytime and we will be happy to plan a zoom/ WhatsApp free consultation call to answer all of your questions.