Adventurous and elegant elopement in Morocco

February 21st, 2021

Morocco is an enchanting fusion of cultures, diverse nature that awe-inspires every soul that catches a glimpse of it, and culinary art that makes your whole being surrender to its divinity. It is exactly this that lures romantic hearts to find their way to this country like a beacon and marvel at its beauty. A haven for adventurous couples who seek to enrich their experiences, unifying their love under the stars glimmering into the Arabian nights. Such was the story of our bridal couple Maya and Matthew who came all the way from Florida, USA to experience this oriental allure by having an elopement wedding in Morocco.

Maya & Matthew’s adventurous wedding elopement in Morocco

Even though their first plans were to get married in Costa Rica in 2020, Covid tailored their path differently and they weren’t able to travel. They hadn’t visited Africa before and still dreamed about traveling there, so the plans were shifted towards having an elopement wedding in Morocco instead of the original. As adventurous souls whose whole being is set on traveling and discovering a new culture - this was the perfect option! Plus, Maya’s roots are from Haiti so her heart was set to start discovering more about these lands in Africa.

A wedding and a honeymoon: Elopement in Marrakech

Being nurses at the same hospital, they decided to have an elopement in Marrakech that will feel like an adventure and a long-deserved rest for just the two of them. Maya and Matthew had a multi-day experience, extending towards a plethora of activities that made their adventurous wedding elopement in Morocco even more magical!

Elopement wedding in Morocco featuring hot air balloon ride!

Being avid lovers of air balloon rides - even their engagement happened on one during their travels; during their travel to Morocco, they had to have one here too! They even had certificates from around the world and one more was added into their collection. Sailing through the red horizons at sunrise over the Atlas Mountains, and melting into each other’s romance was one of the highlights of their elopement wedding in Morocco.

Agafay desert elopement wedding filled with multiple-day activities

Because they are a minimalist couple who weighs their life in experiences and treasured memories from their travels, they took their time to experience the delights of this country to the fullest. During their trip to Morocco, they had many experiences like a night in the desert camp on Agafay desert close to Marrakech, stargazing, yoga, massage, shopping in Medina, trying new dishes and flavors, and lots of sightseeing! She was so charming when she wanted to adopt every cat she saw on the streets as she is a great cat lover!

Maya & Matthew’s ceremony in the desert of Morocco

What crowned all of their explorations and bound everything was their ceremony in the desert of Morocco that felt almost surreal! Maya wore an Oscar de la Renta gown that swayed beautifully through the sand and ideally complemented the nude palette of sand, stone, and desert. Bohemian glamour, curated from local artisans like the Berber Beni Ourain rug, brown leather, and Moroccan furniture. Their wooden vow books wonderfully portrayed their style, and the dried flower elegance accented their gorgeous modern and fashionable aesthetic entwined with a Moroccan touch!

Having their photographer Magda from Fotomagoria poetically immortalize every step of the way, Maya and Matthew relished their one-of-a-kind travel destination Agafay desert elopement wedding. Morocco was the perfect destination country that reflected this couple’s style and zest for discovering new cultures, food, lifestyle and connecting with new heartwarming people.

Hire an experienced wedding planner and discover the best venue to get married in Morocco

Special and warm thanks to the whole creative team who made our bridal couple Maya and Mathew ‘s elopement wedding in Marrakech so special and magical.

If your heart is set on having an elopement in Morocco we would love to help you with realizing your dream day! With our extended experience in all areas and first-class local vendors, we will easily discover your best venue to get married in Morocco and create a memorable experience.

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Venue: Scarabeo Camp | Photography: Fotomagoria | Styling: Party Maroc | Flowers: The Bloom Room | Make Up: Haley MUA | Gown: Oscar de la Renta

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